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Land Transfer Tax Calculator

Land Transfer Tax Calculator

If you purchase land in Ontario, you are required to pay the Provincial Land Transfer Tax. For your convenience, use our simple-to-use calculator to determine the amount of your land transfer tax that is applicable.

Residential Commercial/Industrial
Provincial Land Transfer Tax ("LTT") $0 $0
Municipal Land Transfer Tax ("MLTT") $0 $0
Total Land Transfer Tax $0 $0

First Time Home Buyers and Other LTT and MLTT Exemptions

First time buyers are eligible for both LTT and MLTT exemptions. No LTT is payable by eligible first time buyers on the first $368,000 of the purchase price, up to a maximum refund of $4,000. Eligible first time buyers can also claim a MLTT rebate up to a maximum of $4,475 such that the first $400,000 of the puchase price is not subject to MLTT. There are many other exceptions to the application of LTT and MLTT. Please contact us for further details as to whether any exemptions or rebates apply to your transaction.