Building on our strengths
DFL Gets a Makeover
De Francesca Law is getting a new look! As part of the continuing effort to raise our profile in the community, construction will soon begin to give our office a bold new contemporary look that will create a more visible, recognizable presence for us in our location at the Broadview-Danforth intersection of the neighbourhood. Designed by local architect Marco Bonatti of the Marco Bonatti Studio, the eye-catching lobby and reception area will be a stunning combination of fine Italian marble and plentiful natural light streaming in from the outside. Marco’s Italian background and European work experience, including time in Genoa and Paris, has inspired the wide-open airy space that’s bright and welcoming, and the perfect complement to the original building that is a testament to our experience and record of serving our clients and the firm’s deep roots in the community.
We’re very excited about the project and are looking forward to seeing it completed in the summer. We very much hope you’ll have the chance to drop by to see us – when it’s safe to do so – and experience our new surroundings for yourselves. In the meantime, rest assured we are business as usual.
Managing Individual Client Needs in Uncertain Times
As we all know, the pandemic has produced unprecedented challenges for many of our clients since it began over a year ago. COVID-19 has demanded the best of us, often requiring pragmatic legal toughness and imaginative thinking around the complex legal matters that have come out of the prolonged uncertainty. Throughout this period, we have risen to the challenge. Our team has continued to meet the individual custom needs of each of our clients, evaluating and adapting to your changing circumstances, identifying different financing options, and structuring appropriate transactions that ensure your businesses remain viable and healthy.
We believe our firm’s strategic emphasis on the quality of client relationships – really knowing and understanding your businesses well – is what has allowed us to respond to your needs quickly and efficiently, and counting on our extensive network of relationships with other boutique firms that have been critical for our success. This multidisciplinary approach, reaching out and working closely with fellow lawyer colleagues and real estate financing experts when the type of the particular transaction calls for it, has delivered the results we were looking for and what you required to mitigate risk and manage your businesses effectively.
De Francesca Law Award
at Ryerson University
Ryerson University Faculty of Law
DFL strongly believes in investing in the next generation of legal talent in Ontario through our ongoing financial support of law schools in the province. Established last year, Ryerson University’s newly minted Lincoln Alexander Law School program is our latest award, building on the support we have in place at the University of Windsor Law School. The inaugural De Francesca Law Award at the Lincoln Alexander Law School, Ryerson University will go to the outstanding student in the first year Property Law course, conditional on full-time enrolment in the JD program in the second year, later this year. Please visit Ryerson Law’s website for more information.
Continuing Financial Support for SOS Children’s Villages in Africa and Europe
SOS Children's Villages Canada
We remain a committed supporter of SOS Children’s Villages, the global charitable children’s organization founded in 1949 to address the plight of orphaned and abandoned children with over 2,000 facilities worldwide. This year, in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, conditions have been undeniably difficult, especially for those living in vulnerable circumstances. While it’s clear that the pandemic will erase many years of progress, we believe it’s possible to find opportunity in crisis and discover a path toward a more sustainable and equitable future for tomorrow’s adults.
Our latest support includes the SOS Children’s Village Rome with funding to help with the running of an orphanage in the region. This Village was constructed in 1984-86 on a site northwest of Rome. As well, there are plans to provide similar funding for SOS Villages projects in Greece.
In Conclusion…
As De Francesca Law manages through the pandemic while meeting the needs of clients, we remain fully committed to the goals of excellence and always delivering quality and service. For more information on us, please visit our website or feel free to give me a call.
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